There are cultural roots in Spring cleaning all over the world. Iranians have a tradition that is known as shaking the house that has a deep age history rooted in cleaning the home. This takes place during the Vernal equinox – around March 21st, When Spring breaks forth from the colder Winter months. The first day of Spring is also the first day of the Iranian year. This symbolises a fresh start, a new beginning and a clean slate.

All fitting in with the idea of cleanliness and a new start. The Iranians are not the only ones to have brought old traditions to a modern world. The Jews have always Spring cleaned just prior to Passover. There are rituals that are associated with the preparation for Passover, which includes the removal of leaven down to the minutest particle from the home before Passover. As a monotheistic faith and one of the big three, these traditions also passed onto Christians at Easter Time. Lent is considered a period of self assessment and deep cleaning for spring is a core activity at this time of year. 

In modern times, we do quite a bit more than clean away breadcrumbs and prepare for festivals. When we spring clean we also declutter our homes and prepare for a clearer, happier and healthier Summer season ahead of us.

For those us of, especially city and town dwellers, we may need extra help in the time leading up to events and festivals. It is now commonplace to seek out help to maintain those cultural and traditional ties. Experienced professional cleaners such as Splend Clean are exceptionally good at providing for seasonal cleaning. Available locally in London they are friendly and reliable. They also leave your home looking and feeling as good as Grandma would have.

Health reasons

The hygiene implications of cleaning are obvious. However, Spring cleaning is that one deep clean annually that prepares you for the warm months of the year. A thorough Spring clean that covers your home in every nook and cranny means that you’re doing more than preventing the everyday growth of harmful bacteria. When you Spring clean the build-up of dust and spores that aggravate asthma Eczema and Hay fever are removed. Essentially, you’re turning your home into an allergy free environment. Aside from all that, the effort involved in cleaning your home completely from top to bottom will burn the equivalent calories of an intense workout. It’s a real win-win activity.

Of course, every day and other regular cleaning activity is equally good for both your emotional and physical health. The problem that most people experience is that they simply don’t have the time. There is no need to resign yourself to a life of a dusty home, simply hire a local professional cleaning company. While you won’t have the same knock on effect of the physical experience the impact on your emotional health of returning to a clean home is invaluable. Especially in Spring time when everyone else is doing it.


A clean home increases happiness. Recent research has indicated that 83% of British homemakers believe that a clean home makes them happier. In fact, 57% believe that cleaning the home themselves will enhance their happiness, it’s true then that the British believe cleanliness is next to Godliness. As the days begin to stretch out longer in Spring, we become naturally more active and are motivated to clean our homes from the build-up of dirt and grime over the cold season.

Financial benefits

There are all sorts of financial benefits to Spring cleaning. Once you have sorted pit the clutter from what you’re going to keep. You can sell the clutter on. Second hand stores to car booters will take your clutter from you and leave you with some extra cash. If you haven’t worn an item of clothing for a year, then selling it on is a good idea. Chances are you’ll use the money to refresh your wardrobe anyway.

Cleaning and tidying your home also means that you’ll find that fiver that you’d forgotten about in your dressing gown pocket, or that pair of jeans that you outgrew. If you’ve lost weight don’t forget to check those old pockets as you’re likely to find some small change here and there. And it all adds up. A good spring clean will also mean that you’re almost certainly going to find change that has fallen down the back of the sofa

With a decluttered home, you are less likely to forget where something is stored and replace it while it is missing. This will save you significant amounts of money.

Spring cleaning is one of those traditional activities that Grandma used to do that we continue to perpetuate. It has more to do with wellbeing and the benefits around it than tradition. That is why if you’re not into all that effort, a reliable local cleaning service such as Splendclean