It is so easy to ask why you should pay an experienced cleaner, when you can do it yourself. Modern lifestyles dictate that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day and cleaning the home is often bypassed when prioritising everyday aspects of life. The knock-on consequences can be dero to your health, relationships and general financial and emotional wellbeing.

Think about the reasons why a clean home will make all the difference:

Health and Hygiene

Many people are surprised by the quantity of unhealthy particles that breed in the home. Tumble drier vents and the back of your boiler are a perfect breeding ground for moisture related spores. When you have professional cleaners come into your home, they will invariably clean out areas that are often neglected by homeowners. Often for years.

 When a professional cleaner comes into your home for the first time, they will not be surprised by build-up of grime and spores in the typically forgotten and hard to reach areas. Even if you have been dusting and wiping since the day you moved in.

Heavy traffic areas also carry the potential for illness, more so with people who have pets. The biggest culprits however are everyday areas, such as windows and skirting boards. In winter when we are prone to keeping windows closed all day and night, even in well sealed double glazed homes, microbes develop along the windows and can compromise your immunity

By the time you’ve had a second routine cleaning of your home, you will begin to feel the benefits. You will be less likely to fall ill. The air will be easier to breathe, and you will find that you will sleep better too.

Professional cleaners reduce replacements

Its not rocket science that if you look after your possessions they will last longer. In fact, they may even increase in value. Nothing truer could be said of your home. Not only will cleaning maintain the excellent condition of your home but a professional cleaner will spot a repair long before it becomes an expensive overhead.

Whether it’s a piece of furniture or a potential leak in your roof, professional cleaners will pick up potential problems, based on their experience.

It’s much cheaper to replace a few tiles, than the entire roof trusses, because a professional cleaner spotted the problem.

Security and Insurance

So many of us get home from work exhausted from a long day. This often means that we don’t notice things such as a damaged window latch or even a possible attempt at a break in. When someone cleans a home regularly they will quickly notice something that is out of the ordinary. Evidence of someone tampering with windows or doors will be spotted long before a break in is successful. It will also alert the homeowner if they are being targeted.

By addressing damaged locks and latches that have been identified by cleaners, claims are less likely to be denied by insurers. Of course, this will also keep both building and contents insurance bills down.

A good local cleaner will know the neighbourhood well too and will easily spot if something is out of place. Your cleaner will notice if someone that doesn’t seem to belong is loitering about. London is a busy city, what many other people rushing about may not notice is very likely to be picked up by someone in a hurt. Your local London cleaner is very likely to notice anything unusual in the neighbourhood.

Experienced cleaners do it better.

Whether it is washing your car, replacing a light socket or cleaning your home a fully trained professional is almost always going to do a better job. When it is something they do all day every day, they know every trick in the trade. When it comes to removing stains, an experienced cleaner will know which formula to use and how to apply it, long before you’ve found it on Google. Being good at something takes practice. An experienced professional cleaner will be able to clean your home quickly efficiently and with ease that will astonish you.

The time factors

When cleaning is an additional chore in your life, you will discover that it takes time. This will be time taken away from your social life, or for caring for your elderly family or even very small children. To maintain a healthy work/home life balance paying someone to clean your home is often far more cost effective than trying to do it yourself and then to also fit in your life’s responsibilities too.

You can also consider it an investment in yourself. Sometimes we go for a hairdo or a manicure. Stepping into a spotlessly clean home after a long day at the office can be good for the soul. The money spent on a cleaner is an investment in time for yourself.

Finding a local friendly cleaning company may be one of the best investments that you make in your home, yourself and your family.