Our main goal is to provide professional service in the safest possible way and help as much as we can to limit the spreading of the coronavirus. The cleaners play a vital part at this battle.

We from Splendclean will keep providing our services following government guidance for safety work in people homes with strict social distancing measures.
All our cleaners and contractors are aware with government rules regarding COVID 19. They follow the guidance for safety work including keeping social distancing, keeping high level of hygiene habits, using PPE during work and travel in public transport.
Domestic cleaning service is important and safe service if safety measures as social distancing are executed properly. The service does not require any close contact between the cleaner and the customer. It does not require any contact at all if the cleaner has keys for the property for example.

We know that all our customers already are aware of importance of keeping social distancing. However, we would like to highlight some important safety rules, advising all our customers to keep the measures below during each cleaning visit:

• Please physically attend (you or member of your household) in the same room with the cleaner during the visit only if absolutely necessary.
• If your physical attendance cannot be avoided, make sure that maintain social distancing at least 2m, limit the time and wear a face covering if it is possible.
• During the cleaning visit do not allow any of the household (including kids) to make a close contact with the cleaner (For COVID-19, a close contact is defined as any individual who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes). It could be allowed only in emergency circumstances or life-threatening situations. The close contact is not needed for the service and must be avoided at any time.
• Avoid any conversations and interactions with the cleaner. If the cleaner needs instructions about the cleaning -call us, email us, or leave a note. We will transfer the information immediately and help to avoid any contact.

• If somebody of your household has a symptom or is in self isolation, please cancel and reschedule the visit at the appropriate date when the self-isolation is over. No work should be carried out in a household which is isolating because one or more family members has symptoms or where an individual has been advised to shield - unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household
• Try to keep a good ventilation in your home by keeping windows and doors open more often.
• Identifying busy areas across the household where people travel to, from or through, for example, stairs and corridors, and minimising movement within these areas.
• Please tell us If a member of your household is clinically vulnerable, but has not been asked to shield, for example, the home of someone over 70, in order to make prior arrangements to avoid any face-to-face contact, for example, when answering the door.

We will not be able to provide our service if social distancing is not possible during the visit.

It is vital for everybody to follow the safety measures and rules of social distancing at work and in our private life. This is the best way to limit the spread of the virus and keep us and other people safe and allow safely doing our work without big interruptions, and back to more normal life.