End of Tenancy Cleaning – it pays to know

Moving from place to place and living on rent can certainly be an adventurous way to experience life in different neighbourhoods. However, when it’s time to move out, it’s often not as simple as just packing your things and leaving

Once you have decided to move out of a rented space, it is your moral obligation to hand over the property back to its respective owner as you received it – i.e. spick and span, completely clean and immaculate. In fact, many rental agreements include a clause where it is the tenant’s responsibility to get the premises cleaned by an end of tenancy cleaning company – which is especially important – because it means getting your full security deposit back (provided you haven’t damaged anything).

End of Tenancy Clean what you should know

If you’re still wondering why end of tenancy house cleaning is something you should do, even if you’re not legally bind by a clause in the rental agreement, then keep reading:

Reasons to hire an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

It’s a ‘low stress’ solution

With so much going on as you get ready to move out, end of tenancy house cleaning is the one thing that you can and should get done professionally.

A moving out clean done by cleaning experts who have years of experience in the industry ensures that every nook and cranny is given a proper clean, giving you not only much needed relief, but also saving plenty of time and energy as well.

End of tenancy cleaning cost is lower than you think

Rather than spending hours cleaning up property that you will not be living in or spending hundreds of pounds on cleaning supplies, wouldn’t you rather hire an end of tenancy deep clean service that can guarantee exceptional results?

The best end of tenancy cleaning services charge anywhere between £130 to just over £350, although that depends if you also want end of tenancy carpet cleaning in London as part of the package, as that can slightly rack up the cost.

One of the many advantages of hiring an end of tenancy cleaning company is that they’ve done it so many times in the past, you can be rest assured that their certified, trained, insured and licensed cleaning professionals will take care of it all for you. They understand the requirements of letting agents and landlords and will perform the job to their satisfaction and yours – something which ensures that you will get your full deposit back.

What services are included?

An end of tenancy cleaning service typically includes full cleaning, dusting and wiping of the floors, windows and ceilings, as well as all fixtures and furniture within your living room, hallway, bedrooms, kitchen and staircase. This also includes all appliances, surfaces, tiles (floor and wall), carpets and rugs, as well as other places where dust and dirt can accumulate.

Learn more about our end of tenancy cleaning and enjoy complete peace of mind.