We all like the idea of being able to sit on a lovely clean couch that is not only comfortable but that looks its best. The only trouble with this, is that upholstery can get dirty over time. Especially since sofas and chairs are going to have plenty of people sitting on them on a daily basis.

You may not know how often you should be deep cleaning your couch, but how to approach it. To help you to figure out how best to clean your sofa, we have put together our guide on how often to clean your upholstery and how best to do it.

How often to clean upholstery?

You might not realise it, but your sofa and your chairs can actually be the dirtiest piece of furniture in your entire home. When you do think about it, this makes sense. Not only do your family sit on it, but things get spilt on the surface too.
Dust and grime can definitely build up over time on your sofa which means that it can start to look and feel a little on the dirty side. A simple vacuum once a week can help you to remove some of the surface dirt that can be seen, but this won't help with stains or some of the dirt that has moved down into the sofa.
For this, you are going to need to do a deep clean. A sofa deep clean should be done around every 6 months, however, if you don't use your chair or sofa that often, then this can be every 12 months instead.

How to do it?

There are a variety of products out there on the market which are designed to help you to clean your sofa or chairs. There are also lots of online guides that you can use to make sure that you clean everything properly, but that you won't risk damaging it.
However, for many people, the idea of cleaning your upholstery, especially if it was expensive, is scary. Which means that it might be a much better idea to ask a professional upholstery cleaner a call.
Upholstery cleaning services and professionals sofa cleaning companies know what it takes to make sure that your sofa and chairs are as clean as possible. They will not only use the very best upholstery cleaner for sofas, but also use the right equipment too. Both of which will make sure that your sofa looks amazing, smells amazing and is not at any risk of being damaged.

Professional upholstery cleaning

Why not speak to us here at Splendclean? We are professional cleaners, which means that we understand exactly what it takes to make sure that your sofa is as clean as possible. Our upholstery cleaning service is not only perfectly priced, but it is also able to deliver you the results that you are going to hope for.