Despite your best intentions and efforts on carpet cleaning, your carpet will eventually be the sight of spills, drops, blemishes, accidents and what have you. Here in this article are a few tips and tricks you can try now when it comes to how to keep the carpet clean.


DIY Carpet Cleaning tips

Vacuum once a week

Carpet manufacturers recommend that you do this at least once a week. Well, you could do it more often if you happen to live in a high traffic, high dust area. Regular vacuuming prevents the build-up of dust and dirt particles which can not only be a pain to remove but also damage carpet fibres.

Clean spills quickly

Carpets are a hot spot for spillages and this is something you often can’t avoid. And when you do see a ghastly spot or two standing out on an otherwise clean carpet surface, you need to be on your toes to clean spills in order to reduce the likelihood of a stain. Be careful to blot the spill site before you proceed to using any kind of cleaning solution on it because it’s important to remove as much dirt and moisture as possible beforehand

Cleaning solutions – experiment before using

DIY home carpet cleaners typically contain harsh chemicals, so it’s always a good idea to experiment on a small area, just to make sure that the solution does not discolour or damage your carpet in any way. In addition, it’s never a good idea to rub or scrape over the spill when applying cleanser, which will actually make it harder to remove the stain.

Hydrogen peroxide – your at-home carpet cleaning friend

Many DIY home cleaners swear by hydrogen peroxide. In fact, it’s strong enough to get rid of something as stubborn as blood stains. However, it’s difficult to say whether this will inadvertently ruin your carpet’s texture. Why take a chance? It’s always good to consult a professional carpet cleaning company.

Club soda, anyone?

You’re probably aware of club soda being an effective agent against beverage stains – if you use it properly, that is.
Apply a little soda on a piece of cloth and blot the area with it. If you’re unsuccessful, then take one part water and mix it with one part vinegar. Pour the mixture into a handheld sprayer bottle. Spray the solution on the stained area and let it seep in for about 15 minutes or so.
Press a sponge onto the area to soak up the ‘weakened’ stain. You may need to repeat this process to completely get rid of the stain.
You can also leave it up to carpet cleaners in London who know all the ins and outs of carpet cleaning like the back of their hands. And it’s not something that breaks the bank either. Professional carpet cleaning can cost anywhere between £26 and £42 per room depending on the space your carpet occupies or room size. Cleaning carpet staircase usually starts from £2.50 per step, or you can get a fixed price per staircase.
Sometimes, expert carpet cleaners London may be your only viable option, so you can leave the carpet cleaning to the professionals.