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One off cleaning south east LondonSplendclean provides Professional One Off Cleaning Service for your London home.

Our one off cleaning London service  is the servrce that you need. We will take care of your house and it will look brand new after we perform our one-off cleaning for you. Our committed and hard-working team will be pleased to clean your property from top to bottom.

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The days are now getting longer and longer. And after all those hours at work, you go home tired from the daily tasks you've had to take care of. The only thing on your mind right now is how to relax and get a well-deserved rest. You want to bring the spring freshness and vivacity to your London home and enjoy them there as well. You want everything in your home spotless, clean and neat. However, all those errands and appointments occupy most of your time, so you keep postponing that in-depth and detailed cleaning you know your home needs.

You can book one cleaner or choose a team of cleaners

One-Off Cleaning could be a light clean or deep cleaning service. The charge for the service is based on hours, so you can book one, two or more cleaners, depending on your needs. We have a minimum of four hours' visit. If the deep clean is required, the cleaning will take usually more hours or cleaners.

Enjoy bespoke and professional cleaning service in London.

Most of our customers choose four hours of light clean with one cleaner. However, the duration of the visit depending on the property size, condition of the property or any specific requirements that you may have. The one-off light clean includes: removing spider webs, dusting and wiping inner and outer sides of doors, dusting skirting boards, polishing furniture, wiping shelves, wiping and polishing all surfaces of metal, wood or glass, floor cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and mop, taking out rubbish, cleaning and disinfecting bathroom and toilet, floor cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and mop, taking out rubbish, freshening up the air.

If you need a Deep Cleaning service

We have a minimum of four hours' visit but if the deep clean is required, the service will take takes usually more hours or cleaners. Deep clean is more intensive service and may include all in the one off clean plus cleaning the interior and exterior of all kitchen cupboards, removing limescale and dirt from a kitchen sink, cleaning and degreasing(inside/outside) oven, cleaning microwave, fridge and hobs, wiping the outside of washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer, kettle, toaster, mixer or other kitchen appliances. Removing limescale from the bathroom’s tubs, bath or tiles, remove brown stains from the toilet bowl, descaling toilet are also included in deep cleaning.

When is the best time for the One-Off -Spring Cleaning

In order  the property to be in good condition, we recommend a light one-off cleaning service to be made a few times per year, and deep clean at least two times.  The most preferred time for our customers is the beginning of the spring but you can get your cleaning any time of the year.

Who will provide the cleaning materials and equipment?

IF the general one-off clean is needed, the customer should provide the cleaning materials necessary for this service. Upon request, we can provide the cleaning materials. The customer also can provide the equipment If the deep clean is required, but for better results, we recommend using materials and equipment provided by Splendclean. The quality of the cleaning supplies is very important for the results. Using low quality or unsuitable cleaning chemicals and equipment or lack of some of them, may increase the working time or decrease the quality of the service. When providing the equipment, we use professional cleaning materials and equipment (ladders, vacuum cleaners, special tools). You can see our prices for more information.

You can book a cleaner for one-off cleaning using the online booking form, or simply give us a call on 020 3507 0085.

We will arrange your cleaning within 24 hours. You can book our cleaning services every day at any time.

Prices don't vary whether you want to book a weekday or a weekend day. We cover South East London, East London and Central London.



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*The customer should provide the cleaning materials necessary for this service. Upon request, we can provide the cleaning materials (excluding vacuum cleaner and mop). For more information see our prices.